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Registration for the 2020 Fall Ball Program will open in August 2020. 


Click here to register for the 2019 Fall Ball Program. 

We are excited to announce that this year's fall program will be a combination of workout format with a mixing in of friendly games in house and against surrounding towns.

We will field the following levels contingent upon interest and availability of coaches:

  • U13- Transitional Players- Limited to the first 24 players.

For Players who have just finished their last season on the small diamond and will be turning 13 years of age and will play on the big diamond next spring. This program will teach these players the game of baseball on the big diamond and will help them get a step up on facing those challenges next spring.

  • U14 First Year Completed Big Diamond Players: Limited to the first 24 Players.
  • U15 Second Year Big Diamond Players: Limited to the first 24 Players.
  • U16 High School Level Players: Limited to the first 24 players in each age group.
  • Depending on demand and interest an U18 group may be considered.

We anticipate the program will kick off in early September and be completed by mid October.

Each Age group will meet one evening during the week and one weekend day each of the 4-5 weeks designated as workouts.


Questions can be directed to 860-216-7777